Two of the HOTTEST!

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When you have two of the most undeniably hottest chicks in the world together like Francesca Felucci and Defrancesca Gallardo, wearing their most elegant satin blouses and satin skirts, you know two things are definitely going to happen: either the room will reach flashpoint and spontaneously burst from not being able to contain the boiling-white hotness, or else the babes are going to have hot silk and satin-covered lesbian sex. Thankfully for us, it was the second. Francesca can't keep her dirty hands off of Defrancesca's clothes, eventually wandering up her skirt, pulling her thong out of the way and rubbing her hands up through Defrancesca's deep beautiful smooth ass crack, then underneath to her dewy pussy. Before you know it the two babes are making out hardcore hands between each other's legs rubbing each other's mounds through their panties. Soon Francesca's boyfriend comes in and busts the babes, who can't wait to get a turn sucking and riding his cock fully clothed til he busts a fresh hot nut all over them before everyone hoses each other down with golden showers of hot piss!

Runtime26 minutes
ResolutionSD 540p
File formatmp4
File size403 MB
Picture count135
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English