A Sign of Good Piss Faith

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Tera Joy in a sleek and silky dress suit enters her office ready for another hard day at work. She's just started to take care of the day's business, when her assistant comes in with an important message that two of her most important clients, Christina Lee and Joachim are there to see her. They have some questions about their investments, and want to know how much money Tera's making them. Tera explains that it's a lot, then as a sign of good faith, and because she loves a fat black cock, she walks up to Joachim, rubbing her body inside his crotch and making out with Christina while he watches. Once she sees his enormous dick trying to bust out of his pants, she pulls it out and jerks him off with her pantyhose-covered feet. The babes then take turns sucking him off, trying to get their mouths around his horsecock. Then Joachim takes charge, ripping open Christina's pants to expose her tight pink pussy. He slides his dick in and fucks her hard right on the desk. When Tera's assistant comes in and sees what's going on, the horny boss invites him over, takes out his cock and plays with it for a while, then orders him to eat her pussy, so he gets down and rips open her pantyhose and munches his boss' beaver like it's his job. The two babes then take turns getting fucked by both dudes, til they cant' take it anymore and the guys blow their loads all over babes, then everyone hoses down with some steaming, pungent golden showers of sparkling PISS--ruining their hot silk and satin dresses.

Runtime24 minutes
ResolutionSD 480p
File formatmp4
File size212 MB
Picture count145
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English