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Frederica and Christina are the owners of a brand new spa that will be having its grand opening the following day. Unfortunately, nobody checked to see if the water had the right amount of chlorine in it, as required by law. Now, it is too late — the health inspector is already here, and he thinks that there is not enough chlorine. Frederica and Christina promise him that the chlorine level will be properly adjusted — if only he could come the next day and inspect it, he will see that they have fulfilled their obligation. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time to come the next day. What can they do? Well, the inspector has a couple things in mind. One of them is a free lifetime membership to the spa. Frederica and Christina, horny vixens that they are, offer him an even better treat — their hot tongues and wet pussies on his cock… and some nice pee games to top it all off.

Runtime29 minutes
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
File formatmp4
File size1425 MB
Picture count141
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English